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I)    Called to Worship

B)    Getting to the Cathedral

1)     Map and Directions

2)    Free Parking

3)   Bus and Transit Access

4)   Contact Us

C)    Celebrating the Sacraments and Life Events

1)      Baptism

2)    Eucharist

3)   First Communion and Reconciliation

4)   Reconciliation

5)    Confirmation

6)   Matrimony - Weddings

(a)  Wedding Readings

7) Anointing of the Sick

8)         Holy Orders - Vocations

9)   The Rite of Burial - Funerals

(a)  Funeral Readings

D)    Membership & Support of our Cathedral

1)      What does Membership Mean?

2)    Who Can Register and How?

3)   Supporting the Cathedral’s Ministry

4)   How can I get more involved?

5)    Called to Ministry and Service

E)    The Cathedral’s Sacred Music & Arts

1)      Helen D. Schubert Concert Series

2)    Cathedral Choir Recordings - Buy CDs online

3)   Live On-Line (Cathedral Lecture Series & Homilies)

F)    Recent Homilies On-line

II)    Called to Community

A)    Participate in our Cathedral (Everybody's Church)

1)      Worship at the Cathedral

2)    Cathedral Ministries

3)   Listen On-Line (lectures at the Cathedral)

4)   Cathedral Concert Series

B)    Membership of the Cathedral Parish

1)      Upcoming Parish Registration Days

2)    Pre-registration form

C)    Parish Activities

1)      Called to Ministry and Service

(a)  Socials - Coffee & Doughnuts

(b)  Social Events

(c)  Parish Picnic

(d)  Socials Events

(e)  The Cosgrove Center

D)    Stay Informed about Church Life

1)      Parish Weekly Bulletin On-Line

2)   Weekly Sunday Homilies

3)   Frequently Asked Questions

4)    Donations supporting our Cathedral

III)    Called to Involvement

A)    Liturgical Ministry

1)      Liturgical Ministry Schedules

B)    Social Justice Ministry

1)      Serving the Poor

(a)  Advent Giving Tree for Children

(b)  The Bishop Cosgrove Center

2)    Raising Our Conscience for Justice

(a)  Socials Events

3)   Ministry to the Poor - The Cathedral Charitable Assistance Fund

4)   Visiting the Sick

5)    Catholic Charities

C)    Community Life Ministry

1)      Parish Social Events

(a)  Parish Picnic

(b)  After-Mass Socials

(c)  Other Social Events - Cathedral Mardi Gras

2)    Become a Member of our Parish

3) Cathedral Pilgrimage Group

D)    Education and Formation Ministry

1) Contemplative Prayer Group

2)   Lectures On-Line

3)    RCIA - full initiation into the Church

4)   Returning Catholics Ministry

E)    Cathedral Prayer Ministries

1)     Contemplative Prayer Group 3)   Spiritual Book Reading Club

2)   Morning Prayer and Coffee

3)   Cathedral Pilgrimage Group

F)     Evangelization Ministry

G)   The Ministry Leadership Council

H)    Tending to our Temporal Affairs

1)    Finance Council

2)    Last Year’s Parish Financial & Pastoral Report

3)   Stewardship Options

4)   Stewardship Committee

5)    Building and Grounds

6)   Information Technology Committee

7) Ministry Leadership Council

IV)    Called to Holiness

A)    Prayer and Devotion

1) Contemplative Prayer

2)    Prayer Links

3)   Common Catholic Prayers

B)    Understanding and Growing in our Faith

1) Our Cathedral Ministries

2)    Listen On-Line

3)   Links for Study

4) United States Catholic Catechism for Adults

5)   Cathedral Pilgrimage Group

C)    The Diocese of Cleveland and the Universal Church

1)    Bishop Richard G. Lennon

2)   Bishop Emeritus Anthony M. Pilla

3)   Diocese of Cleveland Web Site

4)   Vatican Web Site

5)    United States Bishop’s Web Site

6)   New American Bible

7)   Daily Readings

8) Catechism of the Catholic Church


V)    About Our Cathedral

A)    Our Mission & Purpose

B)    Cathedral History

C)    A Virtual Tour of our Cathedral

F)     Cathedral Leadership

1)     Our Bishop

2)    Parish Staff

3)   Ministry Leadership Council

4)   Parish Finance Council

G)    Cathedral Bulletin On-Line

H)    Donations in support of the Cathedral

1)      Credit Card Donation

2)    Online Banking Option

I)      Frequently Asked Questions



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